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Use My Music

Use My Music
All of my tracks on Soundcloud that have ‘Free Download’ next to the title are free to use on Youtube/Facebook/Instagram in monetized or non monetized videos. This under the circumstance that i get credited on my terms. Using my music on those said platforms without giving me credit (as mentioned below) will result in me reporting the video. However i will always contact you first and give you a chance to adjust your video description.

If you get a copyright claim (which happens sometimes automatically) do not hesitate to use it/keep it online and contact me directly:
I will then takedown the claim (mostly within 48 hours) and you can monetize your video without problems.


1. Get my music
If you would like to use my music in your content you can either download it for free from my soundcloud or support me by buying it from itunes.

2. Credit me in the description box
For Youtube and Facebook – EXACTLY LIKE THIS (Copy & Paste):
Music by TheLavish:

For Instagram tag me in your post like this:
Music by @TheLavish_de

If you as a content creator/brand/company wish to use my music in commercial projects like films, games, adds, commercials you need to buy a license from me, please fill out the form below and describe your project: